As real-estate grows more global along with the improved transparency and potential of the constantly evolving internet, real estate brokers have vast potential to gain profitable international, cross country business to which they did not until now have access to.

The business of dealing international real estate is on the rise, mostly as a result of the connectivity of the globe and the Internet.

International buyers acquired $153 billion of USA residential real estate in the twelve months thru March 2017, a jump of virtually 50% through the last twelve months and over ten percent of the market by sales volume! These stats are sourced from the National Association of Realtors and have got to be considered a fantastic barometer of what the future holds for real estate deals to foreign buyers.

A really appealing factor to sourcing your own international real estate buyers is how lucrative it is typically for the agency. Another consideration here is the actuality that countless international investors are likely to be high networth people hoping to grow their wealth as a result of making sensible investments outside their nation of origin.

I’ve been in real estate for many years but before that I was involved in politics as a MP of Canada. This video is me taking on the current Prime Minister of Canada in a boxing match.

Yet introducing the foreign investor to your repertoire isn’t going to be as simple as finding them can be complicated.

Approaching this segment of the industry however will involve overcoming a couple hurdles including language and currency to name a couple. Commonly though many international buyers are not likely to invest in to a country without doing their research and having steps in place to reduce any “lost in translation” problems.

As an example, China — a nation with a much different customs, language and real estate etiquette than the USA — dominated the U.S. international marketplace with $75.6 billion in activity in 2017, basically half of all USA real estate sold to international buyers that year.

So is there a better method for real estate professionals to position themselves for this sizeable, lucrative market?

CPROP’s end-to-end electronic transaction management system was made to expose real estate professionals to international prospects and help them to safely and transparently close deals. Don Halbert, CEO of TRESEO, uses this SaaS system to great success.

“We’ve used it now for just over a year and can definitively say it’s increased our exposure and bottom line with respect to international investors.” said Curry.

Technology is definitely crucial for any deal from start to finish. The following are a few of the different ways any broker can be part of this flourishing component of the real estate marketplace.

Sign up to a clear international program

Now do not go believing it will be easy to get in to the international real estate sector. Don’t go getting all dollars signs in your eyes rather than completely researching where on the net these communities may exist. Once you’ve found them you’ll have to hedge inwards and gain trust within the international real estate buyer community.

If the platform includes a provider directory with unfiltered market ratings and recommendations and additionally automated translations, better still.

Think reliability and security

Language barriers need to be expected and taken care of in order to have any international real estate transaction complete devoid of difficulties like fraud.

Preparing is vital to winning international real estate opportunities and included in planning one must consider trust and security.

Technology moves at an astonishing pace and today blockchain technology has entered the mix and forever changed the manner in which real estate agents do business online. Each time a contract is completed and executed, it could be registered to the blockchain, generating an immutable delivered record verified by a system of perhaps thousands of computers, therefore effectively protecting against any unnoticed changes to a contract.

In addition, realtors can use smart contracts to execute escrow, which supplies a secure method for home buyers to put up earnest cash. This is how many transactions are beginning to unfold with a little known company in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Real Estate (CRREC) is the top agency in that country and of their leading Costa Rica real estate agents, Gina had this to say.

“We seen a noticable rise in transactions of real estate within the country where people are choosing cryptocurrency over traditional methods. It’s interesting to say the least.”

Get accountable, efficient cooperation

One thing is closing offers inside of the country but it’s always a completely different thing when finalizing international transactions and these sales require even more care to ensure a clean closing. You will require a knowledgable lawyer in electronic transactions. One such attorney is Fernando Lopez, a Costa Rica lawyer specializing in these sorts of transactions.

Recognizing all the moving parts to your pending contacts, prospects and deals is vital to your success. Have you any idea about the real time status of anybody in your pipeline at the moment? If you’re not you really should.

All this being said, couldn’t you agree with the fact that an all inclusive electronic transactions SaaS system built to support international real estate transactions from start to finish, certainly be a welcome improvement to all real estate agents? Transactional clearness during any real estate deal is essential however couple that with a technology that can enhance your flow like assuring security, would forever transform the industry.

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